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Lirainosaurus astibiae Sanz et al. 1999 (sauropod)

Reptilia - Saurischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 65827

Full reference: J. L. Sanz, J. E. Powell, J. Le Loeuff, R. Martinez, and X. Pereda-Suberbiola. 1999. Sauropod remains from the Upper Cretaceous of Laño (northcentral Spain). Titanosaur phylogenetic relationships. Estudios del Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Alava 14(especial 1):235-255

Belongs to Lirainosaurus according to V. Díez Díaz et al. 2013

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MCNA 7458. Its type locality is Laño L1A, which is in a Campanian coastal sandstone/siltstone in the Vitoria Formation of Spain.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore