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Iberomesornis romerali Sanz et al. 1990 (bird)

Reptilia - Enantiornithes

PaleoDB taxon number: 65831

Full reference: J. L. Sanz, A. D. Buscalioni, J. J. Moratalla, V. Francés, and M. Antón. 1990. Los reptiles Mesozoicos del registro español [The Mesozoic reptiles from the Spanish record]. Monografias del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales 2:1-79

Belongs to Iberomesornis according to P. Senter et al. 2004

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: LH 22R, a partial skeleton (almost complete skeleton lacking skull and anterior cervical vertebrae). Its type locality is Las Hoyas (MCCM collection), which is in a Barremian lacustrine - large limestone/packstone in the La Huérguina Formation of Spain.

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore