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Hagryphus giganteus Zanno and Sampson 2005 (coelurosaur)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Caenagnathidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 71335

Full reference: L. E. Zanno and S. D. Sampson. 2005. A new oviraptorosaur (Theropoda, Maniraptora) from the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) of Utah. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 25(4):897-904

Belongs to Hagryphus according to N. R. Longrich et al. 2013

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: UMNH VP 12765. Its type locality is The Blues, Powell Point, which is in a Campanian channel sandstone in the Kaiparowits Formation of Utah.

Ecology: ground dwelling omnivore