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Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum Romer 1972 (archosaur)

Reptilia - Pseudosuchia - Gracilisuchidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 80900

Full reference: A. S. Romer. 1972. The Chaņares (Argentina) Triassic reptile fauna. XIII. An early ornithosuchid pseudosuchian, Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum, gen. et sp. nov. Breviora 389:1-24

Belongs to Gracilisuchus according to R. J. Butler et al. 2014

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: MLP 64-XI-14-11. Its type locality is Chaņares River, 2 km north, which is in a Ladinian fluvial-lacustrine horizon in the Chaņares Formation of Argentina.

Ecology: carnivore