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Jinzhousaurus yangi Wang and Xu 2001 (iguanodontid)

Reptilia - Neornithischia - Iguanodontidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 90097

Full reference: X. Wang and X. Xu. 2001. A new iguanodontid (Jinzhousaurus yangi gen. et sp. nov.) from the Yixian Formaton of western Liaoning, China. Chinese Science Bulletin 46(19):1669-1672

Belongs to Jinzhousaurus according to W. Zheng et al. 2013

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: IVPP V12691, a skeleton (nearly complete skeleton with a complete skull). Its type locality is Baicaigou, Toutai, which is in an Aptian lacustrine shale/mudstone in the Yixian Formation of China.

Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): coracoid 135.0 x 145.0, femur length 625.0, humerus 420.0 x 58.4, radius 265.0 x 34.0, scapula 504.0 x 76.0, skull length 500.0, ulna 325.0 x 41.5

Estimated body mass: 521.5 kg based on femur length