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Apocricetus Freudenthal et al. 1998 (mouse)

Osteichthyes - Glires - Cricetidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 94214

Full reference: M. Freudenthal, P. Mein, and E. Martín-Suárez. 1998. Revision of Late Miocene and Pliocene Cricetinae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from Spain and France. Treballs del Museu de Geologia de Barcelona 7:11-93

Parent taxon: Cricetinae according to M. Freudenthal et al. 1998

Sister taxa: Collimys, Cricetini, Cricetinus, Cricetulodon, Cricetulus, Democricetodon, Karydomys, Leidymini, Megacricetodon, Mesocricetus, Neacomys, Neocricetodon, Onychomys, Peromyscini, Peromyscus, Phodopus, Rotundomys, Symmetrodontomys

Subtaxa: Apocricetus alberti, Apocricetus angustidens, Apocricetus barrierei, Apocricetus plinii

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Type: Cricetus angustidens

Ecology: scansorial insectivore