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Chlamys (Lyropecten) planicosta Gardner 1943 (scallop)

Bivalvia - Pectinida - Pectinoidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 95121

Full reference: J. A. Gardner. 1943. Mollusca from the Miocene and Lower Pliocene of Virginia and North Carolina. United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 199(A)

Belongs to Chlamys (Lyropecten) according to J. A. Gardner 1943

Sister taxa: Chlamys (Lyropecten) duncanensis, Chlamys (Lyropecten) ernestsmithi, Chlamys (Lyropecten) menthifontis, Lyropecten cerrosensis, Lyropecten crassicardo, Lyropecten dumblei, Lyropecten laekeniensis, Lyropecten miguelensis, Lyropecten pittieri, Lyropecten septemplicatus, Lyropecten tamiamiensis, Pecten (Lyropecten) bowersi, Pecten (Lyropecten) gallegosi, Pecten (Lyropecten) magnolia, Pecten (Lyropecten) modulatus, Pecten (Lyropecten) perrini, Pecten (Lyropecten) pretiosus, Pecten (Lyropecten) vaughani

Type specimen: USNM 325494, a shell

Ecology: facultatively mobile epifaunal suspension feeder

Average measurements (in mm): shell 111.0 x 118.0