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Welcome to Fossilworks

Fossilworks provides query, download, and analysis tools that utilize the Paleobiology Database's large relational database assembled by hundreds of paleontologists from around the world. The two websites and their predecessors have been used by professional researchers, students, and the public since 1998. The Fossilworks copy is refreshed daily. The data are owned by the contributors and the website and software were created by John Alroy. The site is housed at Macquarie University.

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All of the public data can be downloaded here, including collection, occurrence, or specimen records, taxonomic names and opinions, measurements of specimens, and Neptune occurrences.

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Students also may want to apply for the Fossilworks 2015 analytical methods workshop.

The PaleoDB maintains a list of official publications. Researchers ask to add entries to the list when they have used the site to download data or conduct analyses. Large projects that involve documenting the taxonomic classification of an entire group are called Online Systematics Archives.

Featured species
Osteichthyes - Theriiformes - Nyctitheriidae
• Entered by Lars van den Hoek Ostende
• Type specimen IRSNB M 1914
• Type locality Boutersem TGV (MP 21 of Belgium)