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Australiceras Whitehouse 1926 (ammonite)

Cephalopoda - Ammonoidea - Ancyloceratidae

Full reference: F. W. Whitehouse. 1926. The Cretaceous Ammonoidea of Eastern Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 8(3):195-242

Parent taxon: Ancyloceratidae according to F. W. Whitehouse 1926

Sister taxa: Ancyloceratinae, Colchidites, Hamiticeras, Helicancylus, Paracrioceras, Pedioceras, Pseudoaustraliceras, Pseudocrioceras, Tonohamites, Toxoceratoides, Tropaeum, Xerticeras

Subtaxa: Australiceras gracile, Australiceras hirtzi, Australiceras irregulare, Australiceras jacki, Australiceras lampros, Australiceras robustum, Australiceras transiente

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Type: Crioceras jackii

Ecology: fast-moving nektonic carnivore