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Family Hyaenidae Gray 1821 (hyaena)

Osteichthyes - Carnivora

PaleoDB taxon number: 41020

Synonyms: Protelidae Flower 1869 (no. 77302), Protelinae Flower 1869 (no. 232087)

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1821. On the natural arrangement of vertebrose animals. The London Medical Repository Monthly Journal and Review 15:296-310

Parent taxon: Aeluroidea according to R. M. Hunt 1998

Sister taxa: Anictis, Felidae, Haplogale, Herpestidae, Herpestides, Nandinia, Palaeoprionodon, Proailurus, Shandgolictis, Stenogale, Stenoplesictinae, Stenoplesictis, Viverridae

Subtaxa: Adcrocuta, Allohyaena, Belbus, Chasmaporthetes, Crocuta, Hyaena, Hyaenictitherium, Hyaeninae, Hyaenotherium, Ictitheriinae, Ictitherium, Ikelohyaena, Leecyaena, Lycaena, Lycyaena, Lycyaenops, Pachycrocuta, Palinhyaena, Parahyaena, Pliocrocuta, Plioviverrops, Proteles, Protictitherium, Thalassictis, Tungurictis

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Type: Hyaena

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore