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Family Phocidae Gray 1821 (seal)

Amniota - Therapsida

Invalid subtaxa: Manatus maeoticus Eichwald 1850 [invalid subgroup], Phoca ambigua Staring 1860 [invalid subgroup], Phoca bessarabica Simonescu 1925 [invalid subgroup], Phoca novorossica Alekseev 1924 [invalid subgroup]

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1821. On the natural arrangement of vertebrose animals. The London Medical Repository Monthly Journal and Review 15:296-310

Parent taxon: Carnivora according to I. A. Koretsky and D. P. Domning 2014

Sister taxa: Adracon, Barbourofelidae, Caniformia, Feliformia, Miacoidea, Monachiopsis, Percrocutidae, Pristinictis, Prohesperocyon, Thos, Ursina, Bassarididae, Arctictidae, Cynictidae

Subtaxa: Acrophoca, Cystophorinae, Devinophocinae, Halichoerina, Lobodon, Messiphoca, Monachina, Monachinae, Ogmorhininae, Palmidophoca, Phocinae, Piscophoca, Stenorhynchina

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Ecology: ground dwelling piscivore-carnivore