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Family Otariidae Gray 1825 (eared seal)

Mammalia - Theriiformes

Alternative spelling: Otariina

Invalid subtaxa: Callorhinae Muizon 1978 [invalid subgroup], Callorhinina Gray 1871 [invalid subgroup]

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1825. Annals of Philosophy, new series. An outline of an attempt at the disposition of Mammalia into Tribes and Families, with a list of genera apparently appertaining to each Tribe 337-344

Parent taxon: Otarioidea according to T. L. Fulton and C. Strobeck 2010

Sister taxa: Desmatophocidae, Imagotariinae, Odobenidae

Subtaxa: Arctocephalinae, Arctocephalus, Callorhinus, Eumetopias, Eumetopiina, Hydrarctos, Neophoca, Oriensarctos, Otaria, Otariinae, Otariini, Phocarctos, Pithanotaria, Thalassoleon, Zalophina, Zalophus

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Ecology: amphibious piscivore