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Family Ziphiidae Gray 1850 (beaked whale)

Osteichthyes - Odontoceti

Alternative spellings: Ziphiina, Ziphiini

Invalid subtaxa: Choneziphiidae Cope 1895 [invalid subgroup], Dioplodon bononiensis Capellini 1885 [nomen dubium], Dioplodon senensis Capellini 1885 [nomen dubium], Eboroziphius Leidy 1876 [nomen dubium], Mesoplodon (Dioplodon) senensis Capellini 1885 [nomen dubium], Mesoplodon bononiensis Capellini 1885 [nomen dubium], Mesoplodon senensis Capellini 1885 [nomen dubium], Pelycorhamphus Cope 1895 [nomen dubium], Synostodon Vanden Broeck 1874 [invalid subgroup], Ziphiopsis Du Bus 1868 [nomen dubium]

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1850. Catalogue of the Mammalia in the collection of the British Museum, with descriptions of all the species and figures of the genera. Part I. Cetacea

Parent taxon: Eurhinodelphinoidea according to G. Bianucci et al. 2011

Sister taxa: Eoplatanistidae, Eurhinodelphinidae

Subtaxa: Anarnacinae, Anoplonassa, Aporotus, Belemnoziphius, Beneziphius, Berardiinae, Caviziphius, Cetorhynchus, Hyperoodontinae, Messapicetus, Nazcacetus, Nenga, Ninoziphius, Notoziphius, Pelycorhamphus pertortus, Pterocetus, Squaloziphiinae, Tasmacetus, Xhosacetus, Ziphiina, Ziphiinae, Ziphirostrum

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Ecology: aquatic piscivore-carnivore