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Family Trichechidae Gill 1872 (manatee)

Osteichthyes - Sirenia

Alternative spelling: Trichecidae

Invalid subtaxa: Halicorea Brandt 1846, Halicoreae Brandt 1833 [objective synonym], Manatida Brandt 1868 [objective synonym], Manatidae [objective synonym], Manatoidea Gill 1872 [objective synonym], Manatus aequatorialis Lacépède 1799 [invalid subgroup], Manatus vulgaris Domning 1996 [invalid subgroup], Trichechoidea Gill 1872 [objective synonym]

Full reference: T. Gill. 1872. Arrangement of the Families of Mammals. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 11(230):1-98

Parent taxon: Sirenia according to D. P. Domning 2008

Sister taxa: Dugongidae, Dugongoidea, Prorastomidae, Prorastomoidea, Protosirenidae, Rhytinidae

Subtaxa: Halicorina, Miosireninae, Rytinina, Trichechinae

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Ecology: aquatic herbivore