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†unranked clade Paninia Pyenson et al. 2015 (whale)

Osteichthyes - Odontoceti

PaleoDB taxon number: 327579

Synonyms: Inia D'Orbingy 1834 (no. 63506), Iniana Gray 1846 (no. 93947), Iniidae Gray 1846 (no. 53142), Ischyrorhynchinae Cozzuol 1996 (no. 63501), Saurocetidae Ameghino 1891 (no. 64590)

Full reference: N. D. Pyenson, J. Velez-Juarbe, C. S. Gutstein, H. Little, D. Vigil and A. O'Dea. 2015. Isthminia panamensis, a new fossil inioid (Mammalia, Cetacea) from the Chagres Formation of Panama and the evolution of ‘river dolphins’ in the Americas. PeerJ 3:e1227

Parent taxon: Inioidea according to N. D. Pyenson et al. 2015

Sister taxon: Pontoporiidae

Subtaxa: Goniodelphis, Inia araguaiaensis, Inia geoffrensis, Iniinae, Ischyrorhynchus, Isthminia, Meherrinia, Plicodontinia mourai, Saurocetes

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Ecology: aquatic piscivore