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†unranked clade Paninia Pyenson et al. 2015 (whale)

Osteichthyes - Odontoceti

PaleoDB taxon number: 327579

Synonyms: Inia D'Orbingy 1834 (no. 63506), Iniana Gray 1846 (no. 93947), Iniidae Gray 1846 (no. 53142), Ischyrorhynchinae Cozzuol 1996 (no. 63501), Saurocetidae Ameghino 1891 (no. 64590), Stenodelphinidae Miller 1923 (no. 129140), Stenodelphininae Miller 1923 (no. 63586)

Full reference: N. D. Pyenson, J. Velez-Juarbe, C. S. Gutstein, H. Little, D. Vigil and A. O'Dea. 2015. Isthminia panamensis, a new fossil inioid (Mammalia, Cetacea) from the Chagres Formation of Panama and the evolution of ‘river dolphins’ in the Americas. PeerJ 3:e1227

Parent taxon: Inioidea according to N. D. Pyenson et al. 2015

Sister taxon: Pontoporiidae

Subtaxa: Goniodelphis, Inia araguaiaensis, Inia geoffrensis, Iniinae, Ischyrorhynchus, Isthminia, Meherrinia, Plicodontinia mourai, Saurocetes

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Ecology: aquatic piscivore