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†family Mammalodontidae Mitchell 1989 (whale)

Osteichthyes - Mysticeti

Synonym: Janjucetidae Fitzgerald 2006

Full reference: E. D. Mitchell. 1989. A new cetacean from the late Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 46(12):2219-2235

Parent taxon: Mysticeti according to F. G. Marx and R. E. Fordyce 2015

Sister taxa: Aetiocetidae, Aetiocetoidea, Cetotherioidea, Chaeomysticeti, Eomysticetidae, Eschrichtioidea, Horopeta, Llanocetidae, Llanocetus, Physalidae, Pterobalaenidae, Pachycetus robustus, Pachycetus humilis, Mesocetus siphunculus, Mesocetus hungaricus, Mesocetus agrami, Mesocetus aquitanicus

Subtaxa: Janjucetus, Mammalodon

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Ecology: aquatic carnivore-suspension feeder