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Anoplotherium Cuvier 1804 (even-toed ungulate)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Anoplotheriidae

Invalid subtaxa: Anoplotherium platypus Pomel 1851 [nomen dubium], Eurytherium Gervais 1852, Hoplotherium Meyer 1841, Oplotherium Laizer and Parieu 1838, Pleregnathus Laizer and Parieu 1838, Thylacomorphus Gervais 1876 [nomen oblitum]

Parent taxon: Anoplotheriidae according to J. J. Hooker 2007

Sister taxa: Anoplotheriina, Anoplotheriinae, Dacrytheriinae, Robiaciinae

Subtaxa: Anoplotherium latipes

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser