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†family Albanerpetontidae Fox and Naylor 1982 (tetrapod)


Invalid subtaxa: Nukusurus Nessov 1981 [nomen dubium], Nukusurus insuetus Nessov 1981 [nomen dubium], Nukusurus sodalis Nessov 1997 [nomen dubium]

Full reference: R. C. Fox and B. G. Naylor. 1982. A reconsideration of the relationships of the fossil amphibian Albanerpeton. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 19:118-128

Parent taxon: Batrachia according to H. C. Maddin et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Caudata, Cercariomorphus, Salientia

Subtaxa: Albanerpeton, Anoualerpeton, Celtedens, Wesserpeton

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Type: Albanerpeton