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Superorder Acanthopterygii Greenwood et al. 1966 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopterygii - Teleostei

PaleoDB taxon number: 92073

Full reference: P. H. Greenwood, D. E. Rosen, S. H. Weitzman and G. S. Myers. 1966. Phyletic studies of teleostean fishes, with a provisional classification of living forms. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 131(4):339-456

Parent taxon: Euteleosteii according to J. A. Long 2011

Sister taxa: Ateleopodomorpha, Cyclosqamata, Gaudryella, Lampriomorpha, Paracanthopterygii, Scopelomorpha, Stenopterygii

Subtaxa: Cetomimiformes, Euacanthopterygii, Gigapteryx, Gobiesociformes

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