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Chinlea Schaeffer 1967 (lobe-finned fish)

Sarcopterygii - Coelacanthimorpha - Coelacanthidae

Full reference: B. Schaeffer. 1967. Late Triassic fishes from the western United States. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 135(6):285-342

Parent taxon: Coelacanthidae according to B. Schaeffer 1967

Sister taxa: Alcoveria, Axelrodichthys, Chaohuichthys, Coelacanthus, Diplurus, Garnbergia, Heptanema, Holophagus, Indocoelacanthus, Libys, Macropoma, Mawsonia, Megalocoelacanthus, Moenkopia, Quayia, Rhipis, Ticinepomis

Subtaxa: Chinlea sorenseni

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