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Plateosaurus longiceps Jaekel 1913 (plateosaurid)

Reptilia - Saurischia - Plateosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 64684

Synonyms: Plateosaurus fraasianus Huene 1932 (no. 64680), Plateosaurus integer Fraas 1915 (no. 65096), Plateosaurus trossingensis Fraas 1913 (no. 64679)

Belongs to Plateosaurus according to P. M. Galton and P. Upchurch 2004

Sister taxa: Plateosaurus elizae, Plateosaurus engelhardti, Plateosaurus erlenbergiensis, Plateosaurus gracilis, Plateosaurus ingens, Plateosaurus quenstedti, Plateosaurus reinigeri

Type specimens:

  • Plateosaurus longiceps: HMN MB.R.1937 (= XXIV), I, XXV, a skeleton. Its type locality is Baerecke-Limpricht clay pit, Halberstadt (bed 18), which is in a Rhaetian floodplain claystone/sandstone in the Trossingen Formation of Germany.
  • Plateosaurus fraasianus: SMNS 13200, a skeleton.
  • Plateosaurus integer:
  • Plateosaurus trossingensis: SMNS 13200, a skeleton. Its type locality is Trossingen - lower Plateosaurus bonebed, which is in a Norian floodplain mudstone in the L÷wenstein Formation of Germany.

Ecology: herbivore

Average measurements (in mm): femur length 680.0, humerus length 400.0, radius length 240.0, tibia length 500.0, ulna length 270.0

Estimated body mass: 660.5 kg based on femur length