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Dromomeron Irmis et al. 2007 (ornithodiran)

Reptilia - Dinosauromorpha - Lagerpetonidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 104965

Full reference: R. B. Irmis, S. J. Nesbitt, K. Padian, N. D. Smith, A. H. Turner, D. T. Woody, and A. Downs. 2007. A Late Triassic dinosauromorph assemblage from New Mexico and the rise of dinosaurs. Science 317:358-361

Parent taxon: Lagerpetidae according to S. J. Nesbitt 2011

Sister taxa: Ixalerpeton, Lagerpeton

Subtaxa: Dromomeron gigas, Dromomeron gregorii, Dromomeron romeri

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