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Orycteropus afer Pallas 1766 (aardvark)

Osteichthyes - Tubulidentata - Orycteropodidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 119862

Alternative combination: Myrmecophaga afra

Synonyms: Myrmecophaga capensis Gmelin 1788 (no. 166846), Orycteropus capensis Gmelin 1788 (no. 233710), Orycteropus haussanus Matschie 1900 (no. 166843), Orycteropus senegalensis Schinz 1845 (no. 166845), Orycteropus wertheri Matschie 1900 (no. 166844)

Belongs to Orycteropus according to M. Pickford 2005

Sister taxa: Orycteropus abundulafus, Orycteropus africanus, Orycteropus browni, Orycteropus chemeldoi, Orycteropus crassidens, Orycteropus depereti, Orycteropus djourabensis, Orycteropus erikssoni, Orycteropus gaudryi, Orycteropus leptodon, Orycteropus mauritanicus, Orycteropus minutus, Orycteropus pilgrimi, Orycteropus pottieri

Ecology: scansorial insectivore

Average measurements (in mm): femur length 180.0, femur diameter 22.4, humerus length 145.4, humerus diameter 20.0, radius length 104.6, radius diameter 14.0, scapula 125.0 x 100.0, skull 231.8 x 89.0, tibia length 180.0, tibia diameter 22.0, ulna length 151.8

Estimated body mass: 26.6 kg based on femur diameter, femur length, humerus diameter, humerus length, tibia diameter, tibia length, and ulna length