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†unranked clade Procolophonia Seeley 1888 (parareptile)

Reptilia - Parareptilia

PaleoDB taxon number: 135921

Alternative spelling: Procolophonii

Synonym: Procolophoniformes Lee 1995 (taxon 142394)

Full reference: H. G. Seeley. 1888. Researches on the Structure, Organisation, and Classification of the Fossil Reptilia. VI. On the Anomodont Reptilia and their Allies [Abstract]. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 44:381-383

Parent taxon: Procolophonomorpha according to M. S. Y. Lee 1997

Sister taxa: Ankyramorpha, Australothyris, Nyctiphruretia, Procolophonida

Subtaxa: Hallucicrania, Procolophonipus, Procolophonoidea, Ruhuhuaria, Testudinomorpha, Xenodiphyodon

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