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Batropetes fritschia Geinitz and Deichmüller 1882 (tetrapod)

Osteichthyes - Microsauria - Brachystelechidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 137990

Alternative combinations: Brachystelechus fritschi, Hyloplesion fritschi

Synonyms: Batropetes truncatus Credner 1890 (no. 137987), Petrobates truncatus Credner 1890 (no. 137986)

Full reference: H. B. Geinitz and J. V. Deichmüller. 1882. Die Saurier der unteren Dyas von Sachsen [Saurians from the Lower Dyas of Saxony]. Palaeontographica 9:1-46

Belongs to Batropetes according to R. L. Carroll 1991

Sister taxa: Batropetes appelensis, Batropetes niederkirchensis, Batropetes palatinus

Type specimens:

  • Batropetes fritschia: SLFG SS 13558 / SS 13559 (lectotypes, previously S 275 a + b in Carroll (1971)), a skeleton (part and counterpart). Its type locality is Freital, near Dresden, which is in a Sakmarian lacustrine limestone in the Niederhaslich-Schweinsdorf Formation of Germany.
  • Batropetes truncatus: S. 275 a + b, a skeleton (part and counterpart).