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Prolacerta broomi Parrington 1935 (archosauromorph)

Reptilia - Eosuchia - Prolacertidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 138933

Synonym: Pricea longiceps Broom and Robinson 1948 (taxon 178211)

Belongs to Prolacerta according to M. D. Ezcurra 2016

Sister taxa: none

Type specimens:

  • Prolacerta broomi: UMZC 2003.40, a partial skull (incl. mandible). Its type locality is Harrismith Commonage, which is in an Induan/Olenekian terrestrial horizon in the Normandien Formation of South Africa.
  • Pricea longiceps: BP/1/471, a skull. Its type locality is Honingkrans, Burgersdorp, which is in a Triassic terrestrial horizon in South Africa.