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Clade Therapsida Broom 1905 (therapsid)

Osteichthyes - Synapsida

PaleoDB taxon number: 145256

Full reference: R. Broom. 1905. On the use of the term Anomodontia. Records of the Albany Museum 1(4):266-269

Parent taxon: Synapsida according to C. F. Kammerer et al. 2011

Sister taxa: Caseasauria, Chelichnopodidae, Eupelycosauria, Ophiacomorpha, Pelycosauria

Subtaxa: Anomodontia, Biarmosuchia, Brontopus, Cynodontia, Eotheriodontia, Eutherapsida, Novocynodon kutorgai, Raranimus, Rubidginia, Tetraceratops

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