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Darwinius Franzen et al. 2009 (primate)

Osteichthyes - Primates

PaleoDB taxon number: 147599

Full reference: J. L. Franzen, P. D. Gingerich, J. Habersetzer, J. H. Hurum, W. Koenigswald and B. H. Smith. 2009. Complete primate skeleton from the Middle Eocene of Messel in Germany: Morphology and Paleobiology. PloSone 4(5):1-27

Parent taxon: Caenopithecinae according to E. R. Seiffert et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Afradapis, Aframonius, Caenopithecus, Masradapis, Namadapis

Subtaxa: Darwinius masillae

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Type: Darwinius masillae

Ecology: scansorial insectivore