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†unranked clade Ceratopsia Marsh 1890 (ornithischian)

Reptilia - Neornithischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 147916

Synonym: Ponderopoda Huene 1948 (taxon 72194)

Full reference: O. C. Marsh. 1890. Additional characters of the Ceratopsidae, with notice of new Cretaceous dinosaurs. American Journal of Science 39:418-426

Parent taxon: Marginocephalia according to F.-L. Han et al. 2012

Sister taxon: Pachycephalosauria

Subtaxa: Albalophosaurus, Chaoyangosauridae, Chaoyangsauridae, Dysganus, Eoceratopsinae, Kulceratops, Kulceratops kulensis, Microceratus, Micropachycephalosaurus, Neoceratopsia, Pachyrhinosauridae, Psittacosauridae, Psittacosauroidea, Psittacosaurus sattayaraki, Serendipaceratops, Stenopelix

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Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore