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Aardonyx celestae Yates et al. 2010 (saurischian)

Reptilia - Saurischia

PaleoDB taxon number: 157363

Full reference: A. M. Yates, M. F. Bonnan, J. Neveling, A. Chinsamy, and M. G. Blackbeard. 2010. A new transitional sauropodomorph dinosaur from the Early Jurassic of South Africa and the evolution of sauropod feeding and quadrupedalism. Proceedings of The Royal Society B 277(1682):787-794

Belongs to Aardonyx according to A. M. Yates et al. 2010

Sister taxa: none

Type specimen: BP/1/6254, a maxilla (rostral half of the left maxilla). Its type locality is Marc's Quarry, farm Spion Kop 932 (BPI), which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian channel mudstone/sandstone in the Elliot Formation of South Africa.


Average measurements (in mm): femur 681.0 x 91.0, fibula width 36.0, radius 257.3 x 34.5, ulna 305.0 x 42.0

Estimated body mass: 663.2 kg based on femur length