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†order Megasecoptera Brongniart 1885 (winged insect)

Insecta - Pterygota

PaleoDB taxon number: 174492

Synonyms: Protohymenoptera Tillyard 1924 (no. 188650), Synsecoptera Martynov 1929 (no. 188651)

Full reference: C. Brongniart. 1885. Les insectes fossiles des terrains primaires. Coup d'oeil rapide sur la fauna entomologique des terrains paléozoïques. Bulletin de la Société des Amis des Sciences Naturelles de Rouen 21(3):50-68

Parent taxon: Palaeodictyopterida according to D. Grimaldi and M. S. Engel 2005

Sister taxa: Diaphanopterodea, Dicliptera, Palaeodictyoptera

Subtaxa: Adiaphtharsia, Alectoneuridae, Anchineuridae, Ancopteridae, Archaeoscolex, Archaeoscolex corneus, Arcioneuridae, Aspidohymenidae, Aspidothoracidae, Bardohymenidae, Brodiidae, Caulopteridae, Corydaloididae, Dictyoneurellidae, Engisopteridae, Eumegasecoptera, Foririidae, Ischnoptilidae, Lameereites, Mischopteridae, Moravohymenidae, Protohymenidae, Raphidiopsis, Scytohymenidae, Sphecopteridae, Sphecorydaloididae, Vorkutiidae, Xenopteraidae

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