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Puffinus spelaeus Holdaway and Worthy 1994 (shearwater)

Reptilia - Procellariiformes - Procellariidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 335724

Full reference: R. N. Holdaway and T. H. Worthy. 1994. A new fossil species of shearwater Puffinus from the Late Quaternary of the South Island, New Zealand, and notes on the biogeography and evolution of the Puffinus gavia superspecies. Emu 94:201-214

Belongs to Puffinus according to R. N. Holdaway and T. H. Worthy 1994

Sister taxa: Puffinus assimilis, Puffinus avernensis, Puffinus bailloni, Puffinus barnesi, Puffinus calhouni, Puffinus diatomicus, Puffinus eyermani, Puffinus felthami, Puffinus gavia, Puffinus holeae, Puffinus huttoni, Puffinus inceptor, Puffinus kanakoffi, Puffinus lherminieri, Puffinus micraulax, Puffinus mitchelli, Puffinus nativitatis, Puffinus nestori, Puffinus opisthomelas, Puffinus parvus, Puffinus priscus, Puffinus puffinus, Puffinus raemdonckii, Puffinus tedfordi

Type specimen: NMNZ S 28002

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore