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Neovison macrodon Prentiss 1903 (sea mink)

PaleoDB taxon number: 367292

Alternative combinations: Lutreola macrodon, Mustela macrodon

Synonym: Lutreola vison antiquus Loomis 1911 (taxon 367377)

Full reference: D. W. Prentiss. 1903. Prentiss, Daniel Webster. "Description of an extinct mink from the shell-heaps of the Maine coast. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 26:887-888

Belongs to Neovison according to R. A. Sealfon 2007

Sister taxon: Neovison vison

Type specimens:

  • Neovison macrodon: USNM 116178, a partial skull
  • Lutreola vison antiquus: Amherst Museum M 1401, a partial skull.