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†unranked clade Capitosauroidea Watson 1919 (tetrapod)

Osteichthyes - Temnospondyli

PaleoDB taxon number: 255238

Synonym: Mastodonsauroidea Lydekker 1885 (taxon 150357)

Full reference: D. M. S. Watson. 1919. The structure, evolution and origin of the Amphibia.—The "orders" Rachitomi and Stereospondyli. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B 209:1-73

Parent taxon: Capitosauria according to R. R. Schoch 2013

Sister taxa: Benthosuchus, Calmasuchus, Edingerella, Sclerothoracidae, Tomeia, Vladlenosaurus, Warrenisuchus, Watsonisuchus, Wetlugasaurus

Subtaxa: Antarctosuchus, Bogdania fragmenta, Calamops, Capitosauroides, Cyclotosauridae, Cyclotosaurus albertyni, Deltacephalidae, Eocyclotosaurus, Eryosuchidae, Eryosuchus, Heylerosauridae, Mastodonsauridae, Mastodonsaurus, Mastodonsaurus silesiacus, Meyerosuchus, Odenwaldia, Paracyclotosauridae, Paracyclotosaurus, Parotosaurus turfanensis, Parotosuchidae, Parotosuchus, Rewanobatrachus, Yarengiidae

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Ecology: amphibious carnivore