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Dryolimnas augusti Mourer-Chauviré et al. 1999 (Réunion rail)

PaleoDB taxon number: 371440

Full reference: C. Mourer-Chauviré, R. Bour, S. Ribes and F. Moutou. 1999. The avifauna of Réunion Island (Mascarene Islands) at the time of the arrival of the first Europeans. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 89:1-38

Belongs to Dryolimnas according to J. P. Hume 2013

Sister taxon: Dryolimnas cuvieri

Type specimen: MHNR-RUN-CT 13,14, a set of limb elements (right and left tibiotarsi). Its type locality is Salle des Tortues Géantes, Caverne de la Tortue, which is in a Holocene cave horizon in Reunion.