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Alopochen kervazoi Cowles 1994 (Réunion shelduck)

PaleoDB taxon number: 371641

Alternative combinations: Alopochen (Mascarenachen) kervazoi, Mascarenachen kervazoi

Full reference: G. S. Cowles. 1994. A new genus, three new species and two new records of extinct Holocene birds from Réunion Island, Indian Ocean. Geobios 27:87-93

Belongs to Alopochen according to J. P. Hume 2013

Sister taxa: Alopochen (Mascarenachen), Alopochen mauritianus, Alopochen sirabensis

Type specimen: MNHN LAC 1993.19, a maxilla (rostrum maxillare). Its type locality is Grotte des Premiers Francais, bed 5, which is in a Holocene cave horizon in Reunion.