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Lystrosaurus Cope 1870 (therapsid)

Osteichthyes - Therapsida - Lystrosauridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 39049

Invalid subtaxa: Dicynodon (Ptychognathus) Owen 1860 [replaced name] (no. 91709), Prolystrosaurus Haughton 1917 (no. 122692), Ptychognathus Owen 1860 [replaced name] (no. 91707), Ptychosiagum Lydekker 1890 (no. 140092)

Parent taxon: Lystrosauridae according to C. F. Kammerer and K. D. Angielczyk 2009

Sister taxa: Euptychognathus, Kwazulusaurus

Subtaxa: Dicynodon seeleyi, Lystrosaurus broomi, Lystrosaurus curvatus, Lystrosaurus declivis, Lystrosaurus georgi, Lystrosaurus hedini, Lystrosaurus maccaigi, Lystrosaurus murrayi, Lystrosaurus platyceps, Lystrosaurus robustus, Lystrosaurus shichanggouensis, Lystrosaurus weidenreichi, Lystrosaurus youngi, Prolystrosaurus strigops

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Ecology: herbivore