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Pseudotomus Cope 1872 (rodent)

Osteichthyes - Rodentia - Paramyidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 41410

Alternative spelling: Paramys (Pseudotomus)

Synonyms: Ischyrotomus Matthew 1910 (no. 41400), Paramys (Ischyrotomus) Matthew 1910 (no. 185225)

Full reference: E. D. Cope. 1872. Second account of new Vertebrata from the Bridger Eocene. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society (separate) 1-3

Parent taxon: Manitshini according to R. H. Dunn and D. T. Rasmussen 2007

Sister taxa: Manitsha, Plesiarctomys

Subtaxa: Pseudotomus californicus, Pseudotomus eugenei, Pseudotomus hians, Pseudotomus horribilis, Pseudotomus johanniculi, Pseudotomus littoralis, Pseudotomus petersoni, Pseudotomus robustus, Pseudotomus timmys

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Type: Pseudotomus hians

Ecology: ground dwelling insectivore