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Aepycamelus Macdonald 1956 (camel)

Osteichthyes - Artiodactyla - Camelidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 42514

Synonym: Alticamelus Matthew 1901 (taxon 43933)

Full reference: J. R. Macdonald. 1956. A new Clarendonian mammalian fauna from the Truckee Formation of western Nevada. Journal of Paleontology 30(1):186-202

Parent taxon: Lamini according to J. G. Honey et al. 1998

Sister taxa: Alforjas, Blancocamelus, Camelops, Eulamaops, Hemiauchenia, Lama, Palaeolama, Pleiolama, Pliauchenia, Tanupolama parvus, Vicugna

Subtaxa: Aepycamelus alexandrae, Aepycamelus bradyi, Aepycamelus elrodi, Aepycamelus giraffinus, Aepycamelus major, Aepycamelus priscus, Aepycamelus procerus, Aepycamelus robustus, Aepycamelus stocki, Alticamelus altus

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Type: Alticamelus giraffinus

Ecology: ground dwelling browser-browser