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Megacerops Leidy 1870 (brontothere)

Osteichthyes - Perissodactyla - Brontotheriidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 43043

Synonyms: Ateleodon Schlaikjer 1935 (no. 44375), Brontotherium Marsh 1873 (no. 44704), Haplacodon Cope 1889 (no. 46774), Miobasileus Cope 1873 (no. 48661), Titanops Marsh 1887 (no. 52350), Titanotherium Leidy 1852 (no. 52359)

Parent taxon: Brontotheriita according to M. C. Mihlbachler 2008

Sister taxa: Dianotitan, Duchesneodus, Eubrontotherium, Notiotitanops, Parabrontops, Parvicornus, Protitanops

Subtaxa: Brontotherium dolichoceras, Brontotherium medium, Brontotherium tichoceras, Megacerops assiniboiensis, Megacerops coloradensis, Megacerops copei, Megacerops curtus, Megacerops elatus, Megacerops kuwagatarhinus, Megacerops osborni, Megacerops platyceras, Megacerops riggsi, Megacerops syceras, Miobasileus ophryas, Titanotherium avum

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Type: Megacerops coloradensis

Ecology: ground dwelling browser