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Orthacanthus Agassiz 1843 (jawed fish)

Chondrichthyes - Gnathostomata

PaleoDB taxon number: 55009

Synonyms: Didymodus Cope 1883 (no. 276068), Diplodus Agassiz 1843 (no. 348773), Dittodus Owen 1867 (no. 151517)

Full reference: L. Agassiz. 1843. Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles. Tome III (livr. 15-16). Imprimérie de Petitpierre, Neuchatel 157-390

Parent taxon: Diplodoselachidae according to M. Ginter et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Dicentrodus, Diplodoselache, Hagenoselache, Lebachacanthus

Subtaxa: Didymodus platypternus, Diplodus acinaces, Diplodus minutus, Diplodus parvulus, Diplodus tenuis, Orthacanthus buxieri, Orthacanthus compressus, Orthacanthus donnelljohnsi, Orthacanthus gibbosus, Orthacanthus milleri, Orthacanthus minor, Orthacanthus platypternus, Orthacanthus pustulosus, Orthacanthus texensis

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Type: Orthacanthus milleri

Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore