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Elongatoolithus Zhao 1975 (theropod)

Amniota - Dinosauria - Elongatoolithidae

Full reference: Z.-K. Zhao. 1975. [The microstructures of the dinosaurian eggshells of Nanxiong Basin, Guandong province. (1) On the classification of dinosaur eggs]. Vertebrata PalAsiatica 13(2):105-117

Parent taxon: Elongatoolithidae according to Q. Wang et al. 2010

Sister taxa: Continuoolithus, Ellipsoolithus, Heishanoolithus, Macroelongatoolithus, Macroolithus, Nanhsiungoolithus, Paraelongatoolithus, Porituberoolithus, Spongioolithus, Trachoolithus

Subtaxa: Elongatoolithus andrewsi, Elongatoolithus chichengshanensis, Elongatoolithus elongatus, Elongatoolithus excellens, Elongatoolithus frustrabilis, Elongatoolithus laijiaensis, Elongatoolithus magnus, Elongatoolithus sigillarius, Elongatoolithus subtitectorius

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore