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Ankistrodon indicus Huxley 1865 (archosauromorph)

Reptilia - Eosuchia

PaleoDB taxon number: 77273

Alternative combinations: Chasmatosaurus indicus, Epicampodon indicus, Thecodontosaurus indicus

Full reference: T. H. Huxley. 1865. On a collection of vertebrate fossils from the Panchet rocks, Ranigunj, Bengal. Palaeontologia Indica 4:1-24

Belongs to Crocopoda according to M. D. Ezcurra 2016

Sister taxa: Allokotosauria, Ankistrodon, Archosauriformes, Blomia, Blomia georgii, Boreopricea, Eorasaurus, Prolacertidae, Prolacertoides, Rhynchosauria, Tasmaniosaurus, Tsylmosuchus, Tsylmosuchus donensis, Tsylmosuchus jakovlevi

Type specimen: Its type locality is Deoli, which is in an Induan/Smithian fluvial sandstone in the Panchet Formation of India