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Sahelanthropus Brunet et al. 2002 (ape)

Osteichthyes - Primates - Hominidae

PaleoDB taxon number: 77367

Full reference: M. Brunet, F. Guy, D. Pilbeam, H. T. Mackaye, A. Likius, D. Ahounta, A. Beauvilain, C. Blondel, H. Bocherens, J.-R. Boisserie, L. De Bonis, Y. Coppens, J. Dejax, C. Denys, P. Duringer, V. Eisenmann, G. Fanone, P. Fronty, D. Geraads, T. Lehmann, F. Lihoreau, A. Louchart, and A. 2002. A new hominid from the Upper Miocene of Chad, Central Africa. Nature 418:145-151

Parent taxon: Hominidae according to C. J. Cela-Conde and F. J. Ayala 2003

Sister taxa: Australopithecinae, Cercopithecina, Dryopithecinae, Hominina, Homininae, Homo troglodytes, Lufengpithecus, Oreopithecus, Pierolapithecus, Ponginae, Preanthropinae, Presbytina, Simiina

Subtaxa: Sahelanthropus tchadensis

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Type: Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Ecology: scansorial insectivore