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Lophospira Whitfield 1886 (snail)

Gastropoda - Murchisoniina - Lophospiridae

PaleoDB taxon number: 8943

Alternative spellings: Loxoplocus (Lophospira), Pleurotomaria (Lophospira)

Full reference: R. P. Whitfield. 1886. Notice of geological investigations along the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, conducted by Prof. H.J. Seely and Pres. Ezra Brainerd, of Middlebury College, with descriptions of the new fossils discovered. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 1(8):24-35

Parent taxon: Lophospiridae according to P. Bouchet et al. 2005

Sister taxa: Arjamannia, Biarmeaspira, Donaldiella, Ectomaria, Frodospira, Gyronematinae, Hanusispira, Kawanamia, Longstaffia, Lophospirinae, Loxoplocus, Manzanospira, Paupospira, Platyworthenia, Ptychozone, Ruedemannia, Ruedemanniinae, Ruedemanninae, Triredimiculum, Worthenia, Yochelsonospira

Subtaxa: Lophospira abnormis, Lophospira alata, Lophospira alternans, Lophospira angulata, Lophospira bilirata, Lophospira billingsi, Lophospira calcifera, Lophospira concurrens, Lophospira conoidea, Lophospira decursa, Lophospira depauperata, Lophospira dubia, Lophospira ferruginea, Lophospira gumbinense, Lophospira gyrogonia, Lophospira infausta, Lophospira infirma, Lophospira jaekeli, Lophospira kinosakii, Lophospira kuckersiana, Lophospira lyckholmiensis, Lophospira major, Lophospira manitoulinensis, Lophospira mickwitzi, Lophospira milleri, Lophospira modesta, Lophospira obliqua, Lophospira ozakii, Lophospira pagoda, Lophospira perangulata, Lophospira producta, Lophospira rectistriata, Lophospira sandbiana, Lophospira selecta, Lophospira serrulata, Lophospira shallockensis, Lophospira spironema, Lophospira subalata, Lophospira subglobosa, Lophospira superba, Lophospira terrassa, Lophospira tesakovi, Lophospira trispiralis, Lophospira variablis, Lophospira ventricosa

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Type: Murchisonia milleri

Ecology: epifaunal herbivore