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Subcommission on Carboniferous Stratigraphy European Stages

 Interval Maximum correlate   Minimum correlate
Stephanian Kasimovian Gzhelian

may overlap with Moscovian

Westphalian Bashkirian Moscovian
Namurian Serpukhovian Bashkirian

Authorizer: J. Alroy   Enterer: J. Alroy

Continent: Europe   Rank of each interval: age/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: P. Heckel and G. Clayton 2006

Comments: first two stages (Tournaisian and Visean) are omitted because they are identical to the global stages Autunian is omitted although it overlaps with Virgililan because it continues into the Permian Dinantian = Tournaisian + Visean and Silesian = Namurian + Westphalian + Stephanian are illustrated but are "unnecessary and should be discouraged"

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