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Subcommission on Carboniferous Stratigraphy Chinese Stages

 Interval Maximum correlate   Minimum correlate
Xiaodushanian Kasimovian Gzhelian
Dalanian Moscovian Kasimovian

listed as "Dalaun"

Huashibanian Bashkirian Moscovian
Luosuan Bashkirian
Dewunian Serpukhovian

listed as "Dewuan"

Shangsian Asbian Brigantian

top coincides with top of the Visean

Jiusian Chadian Holkerian

base coincides with base of the Visean, not Chadian

Tangbagouan Tournaisian

Authorizer: J. Alroy   Enterer: J. Alroy

Continent: Asia   Rank of each interval: age/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: P. Heckel and G. Clayton 2006

Comments: Jiusian and Shangsian stages are mapped into Western European substages in order to place them in 10 m.y. bins

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