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Webby 1998 Baltic Substages

 Interval Maximum correlate   Minimum correlate
Aluoja Abereiddian
Valaste Fennian
Hunderum Fennian
Langevoja Volkhovian
Vaana Volkhovian
Saka Volkhovian
Billingen Latorpian
Hunneberg Migneintian Latorpian

JA: minimum correlate originally entered as Latorpian, causing confusion and delay because the Latorpian was considered early Arenigian at the time and the Arenigian is not broken down elsewhere in this column

Authorizer: S. Holland   Enterer: S. Holland

Continent: Europe   Rank of each interval: subage/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: B.D. Webby 1998

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