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Gradstein Carbo-Permian Substages of the Russian Platform

 Interval Maximum correlate   Minimum correlate
Vyatkian Capitanian

also within the Tatarian

Severodvinian Capitanian

also within the Tatarian

Urzhumian Wordian

also within the Tatarian

Povolzhian Roadian Wordian

also within the Kazanian

Sokian Roadian

also within the Kazanian

Irenian Kungurian
Filipovian Kungurian
Saranian Kungurian
Sarginian Artinskian
Irginian Artinskian
Burtsevian Artinskian
Sterlitamakian Sakmarian
Tastubian Sakmarian
Shikhanian Asselian
Uskalykian Asselian
Sjuranian Asselian
Melekhovian Kuzel
Noginian Kuzel
Pavlovoposadian Stephanian C
Rusavkian Stephanian C
Dorogovilovian Stephanian B
Khamovnichean Stephanian A
Krevyakian Cantabrian
Peskovian Cantabrian
Myachkovian Westphalian D
Podolskian Westphalian D
Kashirian Westphalian C
Tsninian Westphalian C
Vereian Westphalian C
Melekesian Westphalian B
Cheremshanian Westphalian A Westphalian B
Prikarnian Marsdenian Yeadonian
Severokeltmenian Kinderscoutian Marsdenian
Krasnopolyanian Alportian Kinderscoutian
Voznesenian Alportian

shown as overlapping with the Chokierian, but actually this is Serpukhovian (see Gradstein Carboniferous Stages of Western Europe)

Zapaltyubian Arnsbergian Chokierian
Protvian Arnsbergian
Steshevian Arnsbergian
Tarussian Pendleian
Venevian Brigantian
Mikhailovian Asbian
Aleksian Holkerian
Tulian Holkerian
Bobrikovian Arundian
Radaevian Chadian

actually entirely Visean

Kosvinian Ivorian Chadian

actually entirely Tournaisian

Kizolovian Ivorian
Cherepetsian Hastarian
Karakubian Hastarian
Upinian Hastarian
Malevian Hastarian
Gumerovian Hastarian

Authorizer: J. Alroy   Enterer: J. Alroy

Continent: Europe   Rank of each interval: subage/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: F. M. Gradstein et al. 2004

Comments: Solikamian and Sheshmian are omitted because they are substages of the now-invalid Ufimian, so Irenian and Sokian are used instead; most of the Carboniferous names appear with greatly different spellings in the USSR scale of Harland et al., and again in their global Pennsylvanian stage scale; Carboniferous substages are mapped into Western European stages to allow better binning into 10 m.y. bins

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