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Gradstein Carboniferous of North America

 Interval Maximum correlate   Minimum correlate
Bursumian Kuzel Lebach
Virgilian Stephanian C Kuzel
Missourian Stephanian A Stephanian C
Desmoinesian Westphalian C Cantabrian
Atokan Westphalian A Westphalian C
Morrowan Chokierian Yeadonian
Chesterian Asbian Arnsbergian

shown as overlapping at its top with the Chokierian, but entirely older than Bashkirian and the Chokierian is entirely Bashkirian (see Gradstein Carboniferous Stages of Western Europe)

Meramecian Holkerian
Osagean Ivorian Arundian
Kinderhookian Hastarian

Authorizer: J. Alroy   Enterer: J. Alroy

Continent: North America   Rank of each interval: age/stage

Basis of scale: paleontological  

Reference: F. M. Gradstein et al. 2004

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